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Where do you fly?

We are based near Philadelphia and help veterans across the northeastern part of the United States.  Here is our mission map.  In general, a flight needs to start or land within 150 miles of Philadelphia. 

What does a flight cost the veteran?

Absolutely nothing.

Can I bring my service dog?

Service dogs are absolutely welcome to come with you.  We recommend you look into purchasing a pair of dog headphones (yes, they make such a thing).

How many passengers/bags can you take?

Passengers and baggage are determined by total weight of the airplane.  Longer flights require more fuel and thus can carry less passenger/baggage weight.  Contact us for details and we'll let you know who/what you can bring.

How do I get into your plane? 

You'll need to be able to take 2 steps up into the airplane.  Think of getting into a pickup truck.

Do I have to go to a major airport?

No.  While we can go into a major airport, we prefer to go to smaller, local airports.  In general, we need an airport with a runway 3,000 feet long.  If the weather is forecasted to be poor, the airport also needs to have an instrument approach.  Contact us for details.

Can I bring along medical equipment for use during the flight? (ventilator, etc)

Unfortunately our plane cannot support medical equipment that requires external power.  If your medical equipment is complete self-sufficient then you are able to use it during the flight.

Does your plane have a bathroom?

Our plane does not have a bathroom.


Do I have to sit up front?  What if I would rather sit up front?

The most relaxing ride is in the back of the plane.  The back of the plane is also the easiest to get in and out of.  You are welcome to fly up front with the pilot if you prefer.  Keep in mind the pilot must talk with air traffic control and perform their pilot duties; this may create periods of time where they're unable to answer your questions or engage in casual conversation.


What years was Flights of Gratitude founded?


I can't sit in a chair, can I lay on a stretcher?

Our plane does not accommodate a stretcher.  You'll need to be seated a seat for the entire flight time including taxi time before and after the flight.  

Who arranges for the transportation to and from the airport?

Transportation to and from the airport is up to you.  Because of the ease of using local airports, a ride service such as Uber or Lyft will do the trick.

How long does a flight take?

Flight times vary, mostly on whether we are flying into or with the wind, but you can assume 1 hour for every 175 driving miles.

What type of plane do you use?

Our plane is a Beechcraft Baron 58.  A 6-passenger, twin-engine aircraft.

What qualifications does the pilot have?

Royce, our founder, is ATP rated pilot who has flown professionally for American Eagle and Frontier.  You're in good hands.

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