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Alexandria, LA V.A. Unveils Statue Recognizing Female Veterans

A new statue recognizing female veterans was unveiled on January 28, 2022, at the Alexandria Veterans Affairs hospital campus.

The statue depicts a female soldier and stands 70 inches high. Made of concrete, the statue weighs 850 pounds and is painted a brassy bronze color.

The statue was donated by the Disabled American Veterans Paul P. Benoit Memorial Chapter 7, and Auxiliary Unit 7. The statue represents the long-standing sacrifices women have made in the military.

“She represents honor, integrity and dignity to a lot of our female veterans,” said Lashondra Brown-Dixon, the Women’s Veteran Program Manager at the Alexandria VA. “Our female veterans have been a part of the Army or any branch of the service for over 200 years, and to have a statue here on our campus shows that we are recognizing our women more and more as veterans.”


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